A strategy implemented by any company aims to provide the required resources and skills to properly address all the environment’s opportunities and threats.
It’s a « matter of choice » of how resources could be used in order to guide the company to build a competitive advantage.

advice” assists its clients to identify those choices and make them reliable.
Our experts provide services including (but not limited to) :

Diagnostic of current strategic position.
Proposing and support to carry out partnerships and strategic alliances.
Assisting to implement strategic choices.
Adapting the strategy to the business environment changes.


Organizational effectiveness depends on the efficiency and the level of flexibility with which a company is able to adapt its operational processes internally.
In order to improve a company’s operation, its internal organization should be harmonized and meet the management’s objectives.
We support our clients in improving their operations and transforming their operational model through :

Rationalizing the organization, remodeling, outsourcing, mutualizing.
Optimizing processes and structures.
Assisting for the implementation of data processing platforms.
Integrating organization charts imposed by new technologies.

Governance and risk

Governance and risk issues are increasingly pervading the companies’ business environment and companies are now continually trying to advance their governance and risk management practices.

“advice” brings up ideas and support to managers in thinking, building and improving their governance methods through a bespoke approach.
Our skilled experts provide advice to enterprises to address the risks that can threaten value, but also to identify and assess the risks they can take to create value.

Internal audit

While operating in a continuously changing environment, companies are more and more seeking internal audit services which could strengthen their efficiency in risk management and internal control.

Internal audit is not anymore limited to the traditional role aiming to improve the process of control inside the organization but it has become a function which creates an added value by proposing advice to the decision makers, anticipating risks and taking into consideration all the strategic issues they are facing out.