Transaction services

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) have become a popular business strategy for companies looking to expand into new markets, strengthen their strategic position, gain a competitive edge, or acquire new technologies and skills.

We “advice” companies throughout the entire M&A deal lifecycle in order to secure the transaction and ensure the fulfillment of the deal’s objectives.
advice’s” experts provide services relating to buyers/sellers research, transaction preparation, strategic analysis, financial, accounting and Tax Due Diligence as well as post-acquisition support.

Business modeling

Considered as a key element in most major business decisions, a financial model is prepared whenever any promoter or an organization is considering project finance, evaluating acquisition target, carrying out monthly financial planning, conducting capital structure studies, etc.

Our key experts specializing in business modeling help promoters and managers make the best choices in terms of funding in order to ensure the targeted growth.
We offer a panel of services including :

Preparation of feasibility studies and business plans.
Implementation or assessment of existing business models involving various scenarios and sensitivity tests.
Implementing tools relating to forecasted financial management.